Welcome to AVASINA Wireless Consulting Provides the wireless industry Standards of Excellence Established in 2001 in partnership Leading telecommunications Industry professionals

Welcome to AVASINA

Avasina provides the wireless industry with complete RF engineering and project management consulting expertise. As industry leaders, we extend to our clients a host of innovative and reliable service delivery options that help bring to fruition the vision in voice and data technologies that major networks and carriers want to make available to the end user. Think of Avasina when expert engineering is needed to implement the best solutions that bridge technologies and capabilities of complex wireless systems and networks.

About Us

Avasina was established in 2001 in partnership with leading telecommunications industry professionals to deliver seamless engineering solutions geared for the world’s largest wireless networks. Since inception, Avasina has focused its management consulting expertise to deliver consistent and precise results for wireless end-to-end network providers and service carriers. As a solutions driven company, Avasina’s professionals have and continue to build long-lasting relationships by providing direct and uninterrupted client interface. We deliver expert project management consulting services and provide our clients the management tools they need to effectively plan budgets. Such tools are based on a clear vision of system enhancements that we establish for our clients through the creation of targeted needs assessments.

40 +
Markets Supported
70000 +
Sites Designed
13000 +
Sites Optimized
4000 +
Sites Integrated

Our Services

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Avasina professionals know the care it takes to implement wireless systems by designing and implementing networks based on desired end results. What is key to new networks is ensuring that the overall design and interface..

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Our management consulting services provide clients with comprehensive menu of project management, budget planning and cost analysis tools that can readily be used to implement desired network improvements and enhancements.

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By working independently as well as through its partnerships, Avasina offers extensive and in-depth knowledge of wireless technology and the ability to assess and develop custom software applications for a multitude of telecommunication.

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